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Coco Pillow is made for patients with neck pain, by Chiropractors. 

  • Two of our co-founders are Chiropractors that work in health sector everyday for years
  • Inspired by countless questions about pillow from patient with neck pain, we have tested all the pillows, and finalised a solution to solve it all for you.
  • Connect Chiropractic is our proud affiliated partner. 


Are you:

- Waking up with neck pain?

- Having multiple pillows but can't find a right one?

- Yet to try a latex pillow?

- Looking for a great gift for your love ones?


We are:

- Chiropractors that understand what is best for your neck and spine.

- Manufactured with premium quality latex from Malaysia

- Tested and certified by ECO Umweltinstitute of Germany

Description :

Made of 100% pure latex

  • By using 100% pure Malaysia rubber as its main raw material
  • Sap of rubber tree (Hevea Brasilliensis)
  • It takes 6 years for a rubber tree to grow to a point where it is economical to harvest the sap. Harvest period 9 months long.
  • A tree can only be tapped 2-3 days in a week, it takes time for the tree to repair itself.
  • One rubber tree produces approximately 300g of latex emulsion per collection.
  • 100% pure latex products come without the harmful side effects that synthetic material brings.

All-rounded support

  • Two-In-One design for the back and side sleepers.
  • Lower loft for back sleeper, with cervical support designed to support the natural curve of the neck spine.
  • Higher loft for side sleeper, to fit the gap between shoulder and head.
  • Special characteristic of latex which bounce back up to support the neck
  • Keep your head still in between the lofts to allow your neck muscle to relax.


  • The latex foam has millions of tiny air cells that help provide natural ventilation, allows body heat and moisture to be released
  • Suitable for Malaysia's weather

10 years durability

  • Lasting resiliency and exception durability, worthwhile to invest. Highly elastic and keeps its original shape for a long time, you don’t have to turn it around every few months
  • Does not change shape with regular use and sweats. 

Resistant to dust mites

  • Ideal for those who suffer from allergies. 
  • Provide a healthy environment every night.
  • No itchy
  • Hypoallergenic

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